On this section we present the postage stamps issued by different states with the effigy of minerals rough or in crystals, meteorites and gems.


In nature it exists about 3700 mineral species divided into 9 classes


Class 1                Elements (metal and intermetallic alloys

                          carbides, metalloids and  non metals)

Class 2                Sulfides and sulphosalts 

Class 3                Halides

Class 4                Oxides, Hydroxides

Class 5                Carbonates, Nitrates

Class 6                Borates

Class 7                Sulfates, Chromates, Molibdates, Wolframates

Class 8                Phosphates, Arseniates, Vanadates

Class 9_1             Silicates - Neso - Soro - Cyclo silicates

Class 9_2             Silicates - Inosilicates

Class 9_3             Silicates - Phyllosilicates

Class 9_4             Silicates - Tectosilicates, Quartz, Chalcedony

Class A                Organic compound

Class M                              Meteorites


See details in the single classes



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