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A significant selection of geologic postage stamps is presented in this website.

I have attempted to divide the postage stamps in different groups to satisfy the philatelic and geologic criteria and to  introduce the various sections of the geologic philately.


The themes chosen are:


Rocks, Fossils, Minerals, Miners, Mines, Ores, Oil,

Geysir, Volcanic Lakes, Caves.


The site is updated monthly with new stamp issues and old stamps missing




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Stamps printed in excessive quantities

According to an article in the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some companies that have printed stamps on behalf of poor countries (especially in Africa) are printed in excessive quantities aimed at collecting.

Stamps are only apparently approved by local postal administrations,

The article mentions in particular

many stamps and leaflets related to minerals, from countries such as:

Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo ...


Last modified: Sabato 21 gennaio 2023


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