Late Volcanic Activity 



After termination of active volcanic eruptions, any volcano continues to produce for a long time various gas, containing water vapour, sulfur, and other elements heated up to 650°C.

The most spectacular demonstrations are the geysir and the volcanic lakes.


Volcanic  crater Lakes


As the time goes, aging volcanoes stop releasing hot water and gas. Water fills in the crater making a lake, which is sometimes named the Crater Lake (USA).


It is 10 km wide and 1219 m deep. Such lakes and volcanoes are met around the world in New Zealand, Guatemala, Japan, Madagascar, and on the numerous volcanic islands.


On the Flores Island in Indonesia, there are three lakes with water of various colour in the caldera of the Keli Mutu Volcano. Water is of dark to dark red and almost black colour in the Tivoe Ata Polo, a lake of bewitched people.  It is of matt emerald-green colour in the Tivoe loza Mocri Koo Fay, a lake of boys and girls. It is bright green transparent and pure in the Tivoe Ata Mboepoe Lake. The water colour of these lakes depends on its varying mineralization: in the first case it is with iron oxide; it has high concentration of sulfur and chlorine in the form of acids in two other lakes. 


Such colours are wide spread in volcanic lakes and this indicates that volcano is not quite extinct: it continues to release mineralized water and gas into lake water.


Volcanic Lakes Postage Stamps


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