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Web Site Links


Presented below are links to some other web sites which feature gem, rock, and mineral postage stamps.





Keimar Stamps

Keith and Mary Rathbone

Anthropology, Fossilogy, Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology,

 Environment , Energy, Scientists  and many other categories of topical postage stamps

Albany stamps

Steve Radin
Albany Stamp Company

Mineral Stamps for sale


Mineral stamps

Stéphane Gigandet

 A collection of stamps figuring photos or images of minerals, cristals, gems, rocks, fossils and meteorites from around the world.


Philathelic Mineralgy

Richard Busch

Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps
From Around the World


Il postalista

Roberto Monticini

Rivista on-line di cultura filatelica e storico postale



Paleophilatelie is a focal point between  Paleontology and Philately.

 You can find here some info about Palaeontology Science (latest news, science history and development, link to palaeontology realted web sites etc.) and it representation of Philatelic items (palaeontologists, fossils, prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, fossils etc.)



Hans Marquardt

Mineralogie - Paläontologie - Geologie


Bergabaumotive auf Briefmarken


Geology on Post Stamps

Andrzej Kozlowski

Geology on post stamps

Geysers on postage stamps

Wm Robert Johnston


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